Social Media Strategy Case Study: Banter Marketo for Roofing Company

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A leading roofing company in the USA aspired to boost its digital footprint and capture a wider customer base through a dynamic social media strategy.

Initial Traction

  • Facebook page likes: 5,500
  • Instagram followers: 3,000
  • Twitter followers: 1,500
  • Pinterest pins saved: 700/month
  • Monthly social media engagements: 2,200
  • LinkedIn company page followers: 800

Major Challenges

  • Oversaturation of the market with numerous local competitors.
  • Difficulty in showcasing the technical aspects of roofing attractively.
  • Limited engagement with the predominantly B2C target audience.
  • Seasonal nature of the business leading to off-season engagement drops.
  • Managing customer queries and feedback in real-time.

The Banter Marketo Strategy

  • Visual Stories: Curated engaging timelapse videos of roofing projects, offering a captivating view of transformations.
  • Educational Content: Created posts clarifying roofing myths, DIY repair tips, and the importance of professional services.
  • Customer Spotlights: Shared success stories and testimonials of satisfied homeowners.
  • Seasonal Campaigns: Launched promotions during peak seasons and maintenance tips during off-seasons to keep engagement consistent.
  • Local Community Engagement: Collaborated with local businesses for joint promotions, tapping into mutual customer bases.

Banter Marketo's Over Delivery

  • Organized a monthly “Ask the Expert” live session, where roofing queries were addressed by the company’s experts.
  • Introduced a referral reward system, incentivizing past customers to bring in new leads through social channels.
  • Highlighted behind-the-scenes content, showcasing the company’s work culture and commitment to excellence.

Comparison Chart (Before and After)

Facebook page likes5,50013,000
Instagram followers3,0008,500
Twitter followers1,5004,200
Pinterest pins saved700/month2,500/month
Monthly social engagements2,2009,500
LinkedIn followers8002,700

Current Status

With Banter Marketo’s tailored approach, this roofing company has seen a remarkable surge in its online presence. The once transactional nature of their platforms has evolved into interactive hubs, emphasizing quality workmanship, community ties, and the company’s unwavering dedication to excellence.


Banter Marketo’s strategy for this roofing company emphasizes the transformative power of understanding industry-specific challenges and curating content to address them. This case illuminates the significance of a balanced blend of engaging storytelling, educational content, and community involvement in creating a resonant online identity, even in traditionally ‘non-glamorous’ industries like roofing.