Social Media Strategy Case Study: Banter Marketo for Group of Hotels

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A splendid Hotel Group, renowned for its luxurious stays and impeccable service, aimed to make waves online, aspiring to mirror its offline grandeur on the bustling platforms of social media.

Initial Traction

  • Facebook likes: 10,000
  • Instagram followers: 6,000
  • Twitter followers: 3,000
  • Pinterest pins saved: 500/month
  • Monthly social media engagements: 2,500
  • YouTube subscribers: 1,200

Major Challenges

  • Fragmented online branding for the individual hotels within the group.
  • Limited audience interaction and engagement, despite a significant follower count.
  • Inconsistent posting schedules and content themes.
  • Struggling to convey the luxurious experience of staying at their hotels digitally.
  • Difficulty in effectively managing customer feedback and queries.

The Banter Marketo Strategy

  • Unified Branding: Developed a cohesive brand aesthetic for all hotels under the group, streamlining their digital appearance.
  • Engaging Content Creation: Produced virtual hotel tours, behind-the-scenes footage, and guest testimonials to offer a glimpse of their elite hotel experience.
  • Audience Engagement: Introduced weekly features like “Room of the Week,” “Guest Chef Specials,” and “Historic Corner” to keep the audience engaged.
  • Feedback Loop: Integrated a system to address customer feedback, portraying the group’s commitment to excellence.
  • Ad Campaigns: Ran targeted ad campaigns highlighting unique selling points of each hotel, directing traffic to their booking portal.

Banter Marketo's Over Delivery

  • Organized a nationwide campaign, allowing guests to share their experiences and feature on the hotel’s official channels.
  • Initiated ” Loyalty Rewards” – rewarding frequent guests and social media advocates with exclusive deals and privileges.
  • Collaborated with travel vloggers for detailed hotel experience videos, tapping into their established audiences.

Comparison Chart (Before and After)

Facebook likes10,00025,000
Instagram followers6,00016,000
Twitter followers3,0007,500
Pinterest pins saved500/month3,500/month
Monthly social engagements2,50015,000
YouTube subscribers1,2005,000

Current Status

With Banter Marketo’s robust strategy, The Majestic Hotel Group has seen a meteoric rise in their digital presence. The online platforms, which once lagged in engagement, now resonate with lively interactions, reflections of luxury experiences, and customer stories. The consolidation of branding across the chain and heightened engagement initiatives have cemented the group’s digital authority.


Banter Marketo’s tailored strategy for The Majestic Hotel Group not only invigorated their social media channels but also seamlessly conveyed the grandeur of the Majestic experience online. The case stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic social media endeavors in the hospitality industry, emphasizing the synthesis of brand essence with user engagement.