Social Media Strategy Case Study: Banter Marketo for A Life Coach in UK

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A renowned life coach based in the UK, sought to amplify her digital reach and establish a transformative online platform that would resonate with individuals seeking guidance and self-improvement.

Initial Traction

  • Facebook page followers: 6,000
  • Instagram followers: 4,500
  • Twitter followers: 2,200
  • YouTube subscribers: 3,000
  • Monthly social media engagements: 3,000
  • LinkedIn connections: 1,500

Major Challenges

  • Overabundance of self-proclaimed “life coaches” saturating the digital space.
  • Difficulty in translating in-person transformative experiences to online platforms.
  • Engaging a diverse demographic, each with unique life challenges.
  • Navigating the fine line between personal sharing and professional boundaries.
  • Establishing regular, impactful content amidst a busy coaching schedule.

The Banter Marketo Strategy

  • Personal Journey Series: Chronicled Sophia’s own transformative life stories, showcasing authenticity and relatability.
  • Interactive Workshops: Hosted monthly online webinars addressing topics like stress management, goal setting, and self-love.
  • Client Success Stories: With consent, shared real-life coaching success tales, emphasizing the tangible impact of Sophia’s methods.
  • Thoughtful Thursdays: A weekly Q&A session where Sophia addressed general life challenges submitted by her followers.
  • Collaborations: Partnered with other coaches and wellness influencers to host joint sessions and broaden reach.

Banter Marketo's Over Delivery

  • Launched a bi-monthly podcast discussing longer, in-depth life challenges and solutions.
  • Initiated weekly mindfulness and meditation live sessions, setting a serene start for followers’ weeks.
  • Created downloadable resources (like e-books and worksheets) based on popular content, offering followers tangible tools for self-improvement.

Comparison Chart (Before and After)

Facebook page followers6,00015,500
Instagram followers4,50011,000
Twitter followers2,2005,500
YouTube subscribers3,0008,200
Monthly social engagements3,00011,000
LinkedIn connections1,5004,500

Current Status

Under Banter Marketo’s strategic guidance, this Life Coach’s online presence has transformed into a sanctuary of growth, inspiration, and self-improvement. Beyond mere numbers, the genuine testimonials and transformative stories shared by her followers stand testament to the impact of her amplified digital voice.


The case of this life coach orchestrated by Banter Marketo, emphasizes the potential of genuine, heartfelt content in the digital age. It showcases that with the right strategies, professionals in the personal growth and wellness sectors can navigate the crowded digital landscape to establish authentic connections, inspire change, and truly make a difference.