SEO Case Study: From 1K to 10K Organic Traffic for CyberSecurity

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When a renowned cybersecurity company decided to up their SEO game in September 2019, they turned to Banter Marketo.

With a modest organic traffic figure and a handful of keywords placing in the coveted top 3 positions of Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), the journey to 10k monthly organic traffic was rife with challenges and lessons. This case study unpacks the strategies Banter Marketo employed and how they transformed the client’s digital presence.

The Initial Situation

In September 2019, the cybersecurity firm’s website was not performing optimally:
  • Organic Traffic: 1,158
  • Top 3 Keyword Rankings: a
  • Referring Domains: 76
  • Average Domain Rating: 26
Given that 90% of search query clicks are reserved for the top 3 positions, it was crucial for the cybersecurity firm to bolster its ranking.

Strategy and Implementation

Here is the step-by-step strategy that Banter Marketo adopted to achieve the results:

1. Comprehensive Keyword Research

Banter Marketo started with a deep dive into keyword research. They aimed to understand not just the high-volume keywords but also the long-tail and cybersecurity-specific phrases that potential clients might search for.

2. Content Enhancement

While the company had content, it was essential to align it with SEO best practices. New content pillars were introduced, each addressing specific pain points of their target audience. A mix of blog posts, whitepapers, and video content was employed.

3. Backlinking Campaign

From the initial 76 referring domains, Banter Marketo identified potential high-authority sites within the cybersecurity realm and related industries. Guest blogging, strategic partnerships, and expert interviews played a crucial role in building these authoritative links.

4. Technical SEO Overhaul

Optimizing the site’s structure, improving page load speed, and implementing schema markups ensured that Google’s crawlers could easily access, crawl, and index the site.

5. Continuous Monitoring and Iteration

Banter Marketo consistently monitored keyword rankings, site traffic, and other vital metrics using SEO tools. This data-driven approach enabled them to tweak strategies in real-time, ensuring optimal growth.

The Results (As of September 2023)

  • Organic Traffic: From 1,158 to 9,428
  • Top 3 Keyword Rankings: From 9 to 189
  • Referring Domains: From 76 to 401
  • -Average Domain Rating: From 26 to 42

Before & After Comparison Chart

MetricsSeptember 2019September 2023Incremental Achievements
Organic Traffic1,1589,4288,270
Top 3 Keyword Rankings9189180
Referring Domains76401325
Average Domain Rating264216

The Importance of SEO in Long-term Lead Generation

SEO is not just about increasing site traffic; it’s about driving quality traffic. By strategically optimizing for relevant keywords, businesses can ensure that the visitors to their website are genuinely interested in their offerings. Over time, this continuous inflow of targeted traffic becomes a stable source of lead generation.
Additionally, while PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns and other digital ads can provide a boost in traffic, they often require continued financial investment. In contrast, once an effective SEO foundation is established, businesses can reap its benefits for a more extended period, making it a cost-effective strategy for long-term lead generation.


Banter Marketo’s holistic approach to SEO fundamentally transformed the cybersecurity firm’s online visibility. Their journey underscores the power of strategic SEO and its undeniable role in long-term lead generation and business growth.