Revving Up Organic Growth for an Automotive Company with Banter Marketo

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In the fast-paced world of automotive businesses, staying ahead of the competition requires a strong digital presence.

Our client, a burgeoning automotive company, reached out to Banter Marketo in December 2021 with the aim of solidifying their place in the digital space and driving organic growth.

Starting Point

Before joining hands with Banter Marketo, the company’s online visibility was relatively subdued:
  • Organic Traffic: 821
  • Keywords Ranking in Top 3 Positions: 17
  • Keywords Ranking in Positions 4-10: 31
  • Referring Domains: 48
  • Average Domain Rating: 4
  • Traffic Value: $66

Major Challenges

  • Saturated Market: The automotive sector is highly competitive, making it challenging for newer or smaller brands to secure a prominent online position.
  • Low Domain Authority: With an average domain rating of just 4, it was crucial to build trust and credibility in the eyes of search engines.
  • Limited Keyword Visibility: The brand was being overshadowed on SERPs, ranking for only a handful of keywords in the top positions.

Banter Marketo’s Strategy

Recognizing the challenges, Banter Marketo crafted a comprehensive SEO strategy:
  • Backlink Campaign: Targeted outreach was done to relevant and authoritative sites in the automotive sector.
  • Content Optimization: Fresh and valuable content was produced to cater to search intent, optimizing existing articles, and creating keyword-targeted blogs.
  • Technical SEO: Ensuring the website was mobile-responsive, speeding up loading times, and fixing any crawl errors or duplicate content issues.

Banter Marketo's Over-Delivery

The results were nothing short of phenomenal:
  • The number of referring domains skyrocketed to 277 by September 2023 – an almost 5 times increase.
  • Organic traffic experienced an exponential boost, reaching 16,352.
  • The website’s domain rating doubled, showcasing its enhanced credibility.
  • Impressively, the traffic value jumped to $1,849, marking a nearly 9-fold increase.
MetricDecember 2021September 2023Incremental Achievements
Organic Traffic82116,35215,531
Top 3 Ranking Keywords17150133
4-10 Ranking Keywords31586555
Referring Domains48277229
Domain Rating4106
Traffic Value$66$1,849$1,783

Current Status

The automotive company is now a dominant player in the digital space, thanks to their partnership with Banter Marketo. Their website is not only drawing in a larger volume of visitors but also engaging potential customers more effectively, leading to higher conversions and brand loyalty.