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    Content gives your website a ‘Face’ but SEO-friendly Content makes you ‘Win-The-Race’. Our dynamic content strategy is surrounded with:

    • Topical Mapping Content Strategy

    • NLP Optimized Content

    • Snippet Friendly

    • Statistically powered

    • Backed with External Links

    • Optimized H1, H2, H3

    • Highly Targeted Meta Descriptions


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    Our Content Service Range

    Guest Post

    Guest posts blogs are an effective way of inducing brand awareness that involves articulate integration of your business product/services in the blog posts to be posted on other websites.

    PR Writing

    Our compelling press release copies help you with creating brand awareness and inducing brand loyalty. It is a crucial part of strategic communication’ and involves expertise in targeting right audience.

    Web Copy Writing

    Persuasive digital content for landing pages, services pages, and product pages to make your website interactive and signal the business USPs by unveiling head over heals products/services.

    Affiliate Review Content

    In-depth product reviews by industry experts help buyers to make quick yet informed buying decisions and boost CTR. From Single product review to best ‘x’ we have core expertise in all type.

    Informative Blog Content

    A compelling piece of content that engages the user interaction with the brand and provide user-centric information about the business.

    Pillar Content Writing

    A Long form content with 5000+ words covering the broader topics and then fragmented and interlinked with a smaller blog post to establish topical authority.

    Technical Writing

    Content is written by subject matter experts designing the complex and technical information for the novice audience with easy-to-understand features.

    Skyscraper Content Writing

    Long-form in-depth content focusing on earning backlinks from other websites organically. It involves a high level of detail and in-depth subject matter coverage.

    Best Content Writing Services in Bangalore

    Are you looking for Quality Content writing services in Bangalore? Banter Marketo is just a click away!

    Banter Marketo is a leading content writing agency providing high-quality content to businesses across industries.

    Our professional copywriters provide best-in-class content marketing solutions, including web content, blog posts, eBooks, white papers, case studies, and much more.

    We write engaging and informative content that helps our customers build brand awareness, increase sales, boost customer loyalty and generate leads.

    We offer affordable SEO content writing services in Bangalore. The reason why our customers love us is that we deliver high-quality content within their deadlines.

    We also guarantee plagiarism-free content that is highly engaging and resonates with your target audience’s needs to drive traffic organically.

    Why Content marketing is GoldMine For your Business?

    The term “content marketing” doesn’t mean one thing to everyone. Some think it’s about creating great blog posts, while others focus on social media shares. But there are many ways you can use content to promote your brand online, whether it’s via blogs, videos, infographics, or ebooks.

    No Search Engine Optimization can be complete without quality content.

    Some examples of how brands like Airbnb, HubSpot, Nestle, Zendesk and more used content marketing to grow their businesses over the past few years. Be the next successful business in league with our professional content writing services in Bangalore.

    Our Trusted Partners

    Well-Structured Content

    Well-structured content results in better rankings with search engines. Not only do users find them enticing but it also induces search engines to rank them faster. Optimized headings and subheadings make the content well-structured and SSERP-friendly too!

    Content Matching User Intent

    The more a piece of content satisfies the user intent, the higher shall be the chances that the content is searchable and ranked higher by Google. Matching the user Intent is the key to making your blog authoritative and creating brand value by providing the relevant solution to your target audience.

    4-Step Strategy For SEO-Friendly Content:

    Step One

    Begin with Topical Content Mapping to induce niche expertise

    Step Two

    Structuring with catchy headings, competitor analysis, and focus + LSI keywords.

    Step Three

    Power it with relevant statistical data, snippets, and a dedicated PAA section.

    Step Four

    Optimize it further with relevant NLPs to outrank your competitors.

    Who Are We?

    We are a content development firm based out of Bangalore. Our team consists of professional writers who offer high-quality content to clients across different verticals at par with your content requirements. We do everything from creating blogs and press releases to providing expert advice on social media content, digital advertising, etc.

    We understand how important content is for businesses, especially small ones. And that’s why we strive to provide unique content that helps you grow your brand online.

    Why Does Your Business Need Content Writing In Bangalore?

    The world of digital marketing is ever-changing. As per recent reports, there are over 2 billion smartphone users around the globe. It translates to a vast potential market for businesses looking to connect with customers. However, it takes much more than just having a great product or service to succeed in today's competitive landscape. You must make sure that your business stands out among the rest. And how do you achieve this? By creating high-quality content. At Banter Marketo, we understand the importance of content marketing. We provide content writing services in Bangalore to help companies like yours stand apart from the crowd. Our team of experienced writers understands what makes good content and ensures that your brand gets the attention it deserves. Our content writing services in Bangalore are designed to help you build trust and credibility among your target audience. Whether you want to attract new visitors to your site or improve your existing customer base, we have the perfect solution.

    Why does Google love to Rank Websites with Quality Content?

    Here are the three major algorithm updates by Google that stress ‘Quality Content :

    1. Google EAT Update (2019)
    The E-A-T theory states that people are attracted to products and brands based on expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. These factors make up what we call the E-A-T Principle. When someone searches for something online, they want to find authoritative sources that provide them with helpful information. Search engines look for websites that satisfy the search intent completely. Businesses offering a practical solution to their audience will likely rank higher in search engines and create brand authority.

    2. About Google Helpful Content Update (2022)
    To deliver high-quality results to users, Google has updated its algorithm. The update focuses on providing relevant answers to user queries. It aims to ensure that the search engine delivers valuable results without clutter or irrelevant content. Hence, Content is the King to rule the SERPs organically. Businesses investing in low-quality content or dealing with content duplicacy will gradually be de-listed from Google.

    3. About Google Spam Update (2022)
    To maintain the integrity of the web, Google has announced a new update that will help fight spammy sites. The update will identify and remove links that point to spammy pages. It means that if you have a website containing spammy content, it will get penalized.

    Need special service for your Individual Business

    How Banter Marketo Content Writing Services Are Different?

    SEO Oriented Content Writing

    Our Professional content writers ensure all the content we write is SEO-friendly. They go through a rigorous checking process before being published.

    This ensures that your content climbs the SERP ladder and serves the purpose of content marketing well.
    Every content goes through a thorough checking process to ensure that it meets all the requirements of modern search engines.

    100% Unique Content

    According to its latest ‘ Google Helpful Content Update ‘, Google strictly demands that only original content be published online. It is done to eliminate the chances of duped content. Plagiarized content is considered spammy and thus gets filtered out by search engines. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid publishing copied content unless you are willing to lose traffic.

    Our content writing services in Bangalore use professional tools like Copyscape premium to ensure that the content is original. We follow strict guidelines while drafting the content, so it does not violate copyright laws.

    When you hire our content writers, you can rest assured about the quality of work because we do not compromise on the quality of content. We even go beyond what is required to ensure that the content meets the standards set by Google.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Collaborating with Banter Marketo is super easy. You are just a click away to schedule a meeting with us and we are happy to answer all your apprehensions to get you on board.

    Millions of blogs churn out every day but only a few can target their right audience and the rest are never indexed or gradually vanished from SERPs. Banter Marketo holds expertise with content that resonated with SERPs and your target audience together. Our 4-step content strategy focus on the right ‘problems’ to produce relevant ‘solutions’.

    Yes! Our content services are inclusive of keyword research and we consider it a crucial part of content mapping that helps in creating a topical authority for your website in the longer run.

    We can also help you with infographics, video content creation, and blog posting to ease your focus on your businesses. We provide end-to-end content writing and posting services to manage your website in the most professional way.

    According to the recent Google Helpful Content Update, the content that adds value, sourced with factual data, powered with snippets and external links is considered authoritative. It should completely satisfy the user intent and keep on updated time-to-time to maintain its relevance and freshness.

    Plagiarized content attracts the PANDA attack from Google and de-lists your website. Taking relevant and rewriting the content from ranking websites has become writing norm for mediocre writers that adds no value to the SERPs. It is one of the primary reasons why 70% of the blogs never index on google or gets de-indexed over the time.

    GPT-3 induced AI tools to provide factually incorrect information and spin the content from various websites. It works on the content stitching from different websites based on the focused keywords and then spins it completely to ditch various plagiarised tools. However, the content loses its essence in the process and attracts the Google Helpful Content Update penalty.

    Google Helpful content Update focuses on Content By the People and For the People. It stresses that the content should be written by a niche expert and should add value. Mass churned content from AI will attract a serious penalty for the website.


    What Our Customer Say

    1549 Sarthak Rustagi
    1549 Sarthak Rustagi
    Best Digital Marketing Services by Banter Marketo! Highly Recommended.
    Rajesh Gupta
    Rajesh Gupta
    I have an eCommerce store and need a lot of content requirements for product descriptions. Banter Marketo helps me with interactive and convincing product descriptions that helped in driving more sales and conversions. Highly recommended content writing services
    Suraj Giri
    Suraj Giri
    Best SEO Services by Banter Marketo. I am really happy with their professional approach and customized strategy to boost my website ranking from page 10 to page
    Pawan Verma Vlogs
    Pawan Verma Vlogs
    While browsing through the internet, I came across their free consultation form and fill it up randomly. But I was delighted with their prompt response and how they my entire content project within just 24 hours of my query. Their web copywriting services are impressive. They are experts in curating a detailed SEO and content strategy to amplify the ranking results in search engines.
    ashutosh nair
    ashutosh nair
    The best thing about Banter Marketo Content Writing is their content quality. Unlike other content agencies, they do not scale with mass content production. They provided me with a highly relevant content strategy for my business that helped in increasing visibility and creating brand awareness.
    Arun Bapiwal
    Arun Bapiwal
    Banter Marketo is the best digital marketing. I was new to the world of digital marketing and looking for some passive income after retirement. So, i thought to share my years of experience and knowledge via blogging. They helped me with a responsive website design with excellent loading speed. Highly recommended services!
    Anuj Aggarwal
    Anuj Aggarwal
    Besides providing excellent content, Banter Marketo provided me with an exquisite content strategy that helped to rank my website quickly. Very supportive and friendly team.
    Deepakshi Gupta
    Deepakshi Gupta
    Best SEO Services in Delhi! It was worth taking their free website audit that helped in knowing my competition and a detailed strategy on how to outrank them.
    Ashwani Kumar
    Ashwani Kumar
    Team at banter Marketo is highly very freindly and helpful. They wrote excellent informational blogs for my affiliate blog. Thanks for scaling my content exceptionally. Best content writing services!
    sakshi gupta
    sakshi gupta
    Best Website Development services in Delhi. I was looking for an interactive website on WordPress and came across Banter Marketo while browsing. Today, I am happy about my decision. From ideation to execution, they helped me with a wonderful website design.

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