We provide affordable SEO Services in India. With extensive experience and a proven track record in the world of Digital Marketing, we aim at maximizing your ROI with our proven SEO Services.


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    Gain higher visibility, more traffic and increased conversions for your Websites with our Professional SEO Services. We have helped hundreds of businesses with our best SEO services to outrank their competitors with:

    • 100% White Hat SEO

    • Content Velocity

    • Topical Mapping

    • Long Tail Keywords for quick ranking

    • Building Niche Authority

    • Low Competition Focus Keywords

    • Quality Backlinking


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    Best SEO Services In India

    Global SEO

    Gain online presence internationally with our expert Global SEO services. Double your business profits by improving your presence in profitable foreign markets.

    National SEO

    Improve your local as well as cross-border ranking with our advanced National SEO services. Let your business break the geographic barriers and reach your target audience nationwide.

    Local SEO

    Time to rule the local searches with our proven local SEO strategies to attain continuous business growth. We deliver long-lasting rankings leading to enhanced traffic and better conversions.

    Ecommerce SEO

    Gain higher credibility and traffic from all the marketing funnel stages with our exquisite Ecommerce SEO strategies. Get more conversions to make your Ecommerce business a success.

    SEO for Small Businesses

    From increasing brand awareness to getting more leads and conversions, each small business needs a competitive SEO strategy to survive through the cut-throat competition.

    Professional SEO

    Stay on top of the trends and enjoy the advantage of industry expertise with our professional SEO services. We know what goes into ranking a website on top of the Search Engines.

    Technical SEO

    Let the search engine crawlers index your website and improve your ranking faster with our expert Technical SEO services. Technical SEO is the backbone of a successful SEO strategy.

    On/Off Page SEO

    Our proven on-page and off-page SEO strategies are meant to boost your website ranking and get month-on-month incremental traffic. We promise ROI-optimized and result-driven SEO services.

    Why Banter Marketo is Best SEO Company In India?

    Whether you are a small business owner or a medium-sized one, having no presence online is like being blindfolded and deafened. You need to take advantage of potential customers and sales opportunities. There are many ways in which digital marketing works for businesses. The most cost-effective and ROI driven is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It helps with ranking your website organically.

    However, it requires a lot of effort and expertise to ensure that the digital marketing campaign is executed well. It is where we come in. At Banter Marketo, we provide high-quality SEO services that help your business reach the next level.

    Here are some benefits you can enjoy when working with us:

    1. Targeted Traffic
    We understand how important traffic is for your business, so we craft our SEO campaigns accordingly. We use the best tools and techniques to generate relevant traffic to your site. We focus on organic listing to receive a highly targeted audience on your website.

    2. Higher Conversion Rates
    When people find you online, they want to know what you do and why you exist. They look for information about your products or services. If they don’t find anything, they move on. But if they find something interesting, they might call you or fill out a form to learn more about your brand. A reasonable conversion rate is crucial for every business. We help you achieve it.

    3. Better Ranking
    Search engines rank websites based on specific criteria. These include things such as relevance, authority, trustworthiness, and popularity. A solid online brand presence, engaging blog posts, and informative landing pages help improve your rankings. We take care of all these aspects to help you climb the ranks.

    4. Brand Awareness
    People love brands. And they associate a particular brand with a set of values. So, when someone finds your website online, they want to know whether you stand for the same values as theirs. They won't stick around if you don’t show them what you believe in. They might even go somewhere else. We help you build a positive image among your target audiences.

    5. Increased Sales
    As mentioned above, people love brands. Therefore, when they see your logo or hear your name, they automatically think of your product or service. They might even start looking for more information about it. Once they find the information, they are likely to buy. Working with us ensures that you get maximum conversions.

    6. Improved Reputation
    Online reviews play a significant role in determining whether a person chooses to patronize a business or not. Positive reviews encourage others to try out your products or services, while negative ones discourage them. We help you gain more positive reviews by providing exceptional customer support.

    4-Step SEO Strategy to Outrank Your Competitors

    Step One

    Competitor Analysis
    In-Depth Analysis of Industry Competitors to Devise a Proven Customised SEO Strategy

    Step Two

    Keyword Research
    Finding Keywords That Help Your Business Rank Faster and Gain More Relevant Traffic.

    Step Three

    On Page/Off Page SEO
    Optimizing Your Website and Promoting Your Brand Around the Web to Gain Organic Traffic.

    Step Four

    Understanding Analytics
    It’s time to evaluate the results and restrategize according to what works best for your business

    FAQs on Best SEO Services In India

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a way to get your website ranked higher on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and others. It’s the process of optimizing your site so that you can be found when someone types in keywords related to what you offer. It will help increase traffic to your site, which means more sales.
    Search engine optimization (also known as SEO) is the practice of increasing the number or percentage of visitors to a web page by making changes to the content of the page, HTML code, URL structure, or other factors such as meta tags, title tags, headings, alt text, and keyword density. SEO aims to ensure that search engines find and index your pages correctly.

    SEO is one of the best options available if you are looking for ways to improve your business online. Many people don't realize this, but most companies have websites. They will only rank well in search engines if they are optimised correctly.

    The first step to getting started is to approach a reputable SEO company. You'll need to provide them with some information about your business, including the following:
    • Your target audience
    • How much money do you want to spend
    • What kind of results you're hoping to achieve

    Connect with us, and we'll take care of the rest. We will conduct a detailed website audit to devise customized SEO strategies to deliver desired results

    White hat SEO is an ethical form of SEO that focuses on creating quality content and building links naturally through social media sites and other methods. White hat SEO does not use deceptive techniques that could damage your reputation or negatively affect your rankings.

    SEO is a complex process that requires expertise and experience. The cost of hiring SEO services depends on many factors:
    • Your Budget
    • Number of pages/content
    • Keywords used
    • Targeted Niche
    • Competitors
    • Industry
    • Location

    Talk to Our SEO expert to get a Free Website Audit and a detailed SEO strategy to yield results.

    Many ways to market a business online include SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and PPC.

    SEO is typically considered a low-cost option. If you're looking to generate high-quality leads, SEO may be an excellent choice to achieve long-term goals. In addition, SEO allows you to build trust with prospective clients. On the flip side, SEO takes time to see results. You'll likely need to invest several months to build up your search engine presence. But once you build your website authority, it delivers unbelievable results.

    Social media marketing offers quick results, but it costs money to run campaigns. Email marketing requires some upfront investment, but it's relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of digital marketing. Paid ads like Pay Per Click (PPC), display advertising, and remarketing allow businesses to gain visibility quickly. They also offer great ROI, but they require large budgets.

    The best approach to choosing among these methods is to consider your business needs and how much money you'd like to spend.

    Among all the strategies, SEO is the best one to improve the brand value of your business and generate quality leads without pinching your pocket much.

    Black hat SEO uses unethical methods to manipulate search engine algorithms. These include things like link farming, spamdexing, cloaking, etc. At the same time, white hat SEO doesn't do anything malicious. It is still considered more desirable than black hat SEO despite the fact that it takes longer to build up authority because It attracts penalties in the long run. Your website may also get de-indexed.

    Our team of experts will work with you to understand what you want to achieve. Then we'll use our proven methods for result-driven SEO campaigns. We'll create a strategy that's right for your business. And we'll implement it over time to ensure that you see results. We know how important it is to rank well in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). If you don't do anything about it, you'll lose out on potential customers because your competitors are doing something different. They're getting ranked higher in the search engines and grabbing all of the attention.

    Every business is unique, and there isn't one size fits all approach to optimizing a website. Research suggests that 61% of mobile searches are conducted via smartphones and tablets. It means that it's more important than ever to ensure that your company is present online and to rank high to appear in these searches. The latest data from Moz suggests that most businesses need to do more to optimize their sites. Hence, you need Expert SEO services that boost your search engine ranking and visibility to your target audience. Considering the long-term benefits of SEO, it is not an expense but a Business Investment!

    While most SEO service providers focus on On-page and Off-page SEO strategies, we also focus on essential aspects such as Content Optimization and Topical Mapping to create a niche authority for your business. We offer end-to-end website solutions to our clients, so they don’t need to run from pillar to post to outsource the other crucial web services. We are a result-oriented and ROI-optimized SEO service provider. Our goal is to help companies grow by providing them with the best possible solutions to improve their websites' performance in organic search. Banter Marketo has been helping businesses worldwide since 2010. We have helped hundreds of local and international companies to increase their sales and profits.

    1. We are a complete digital marketing agency that offers a wide range of services, including SEO, Web Design & Development, Website Audit, Content Management, PR, Backlinking, and much more. 2. We provide affordable packages that fit your budget. 3. We are passionate about what we do. 4. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns. 5. We are transparent and honest with our pricing plan. No Hidden Costs

    According to Semrush, you can expect results from SEO campaigns from 6 to 12 months. But, at Banter Marketo, our proven strategies start yielding results in 3rd month. We have many case studies delivering 10% incremental traffic month-on-month and 1000+ happy clients on board.


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    1549 Sarthak Rustagi
    1549 Sarthak Rustagi
    Best Digital Marketing Services by Banter Marketo! Highly Recommended.
    Rajesh Gupta
    Rajesh Gupta
    I have an eCommerce store and need a lot of content requirements for product descriptions. Banter Marketo helps me with interactive and convincing product descriptions that helped in driving more sales and conversions. Highly recommended content writing services
    Suraj Giri
    Suraj Giri
    Best SEO Services by Banter Marketo. I am really happy with their professional approach and customized strategy to boost my website ranking from page 10 to page
    Pawan Verma Vlogs
    Pawan Verma Vlogs
    While browsing through the internet, I came across their free consultation form and fill it up randomly. But I was delighted with their prompt response and how they my entire content project within just 24 hours of my query. Their web copywriting services are impressive. They are experts in curating a detailed SEO and content strategy to amplify the ranking results in search engines.
    ashutosh nair
    ashutosh nair
    The best thing about Banter Marketo Content Writing is their content quality. Unlike other content agencies, they do not scale with mass content production. They provided me with a highly relevant content strategy for my business that helped in increasing visibility and creating brand awareness.
    Arun Bapiwal
    Arun Bapiwal
    Banter Marketo is the best digital marketing. I was new to the world of digital marketing and looking for some passive income after retirement. So, i thought to share my years of experience and knowledge via blogging. They helped me with a responsive website design with excellent loading speed. Highly recommended services!
    Anuj Aggarwal
    Anuj Aggarwal
    Besides providing excellent content, Banter Marketo provided me with an exquisite content strategy that helped to rank my website quickly. Very supportive and friendly team.
    Deepakshi Gupta
    Deepakshi Gupta
    Best SEO Services in Delhi! It was worth taking their free website audit that helped in knowing my competition and a detailed strategy on how to outrank them.
    Ashwani Kumar
    Ashwani Kumar
    Team at banter Marketo is highly very freindly and helpful. They wrote excellent informational blogs for my affiliate blog. Thanks for scaling my content exceptionally. Best content writing services!
    sakshi gupta
    sakshi gupta
    Best Website Development services in Delhi. I was looking for an interactive website on WordPress and came across Banter Marketo while browsing. Today, I am happy about my decision. From ideation to execution, they helped me with a wonderful website design.

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